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IEBF construct was incorporated to provide high-caliber construction services to its clients while also providing social and economic benefits to indigenous communities across Western Australia and beyond. The business is majority owned by 100% Aboriginal ORIC registered charity IEBF Aboriginal Corporation ICN 9523.

In delivering services, the business intends to actively address the shortage of Aboriginal construction employment currently prevalent within the industry. As part of this objective the business will recruit and train indigenous youth and jobseekers to become proficient tradespeople whilst contributing directly to the establishment of a pipeline of skilled workers to support our industry and our broader communities.

The business is operated from commercial offices located at 108 Barrack Street Perth and managed by Mr. John O’Driscoll and Mr. Mustafa Brnjak whom together boast a cumulative skillset incorporating significant experience in building, construction and engineering and high-level business development in both corporate and government sectors.

The business’ commitment to the uplift of indigenous communities transcends the initial construction phase of its projects through the establishment of indigenous community infrastructure that will benefit communities for generations to come through the facilitation of active employment for indigenous people through ongoing maintenance contracts. These works will be facilitated and performed in liaison with indigenous elders and community leaders in an endeavor to best identify priorities and needs and develop projects that will have a lasting impact on a location-by-location basis.

In summary, the business is committed to providing high caliber services whilst creating a positive economic on indigenous communities by creating jobs and building long-lasting relationships with community groups.

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