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Our vision

To create a one-of-a-kind platform that showcases the strength, diversity, and opportunity that Indigenous businesses bring to industry. A platform that bridges the gap through connecting the community and encouraging small to large businesses to work collaboratively together to stimulate Indigenous growth.

Our values

The IEBF works collaboratively with the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to connect all size businesses together with the aim of Indigenous business growth. We respect each other and have humility in our endeavours to achieve our vision.


We are committed to bringing small to large indigenous business together to maximise opportunity. We believe in the power of working together to build a sustainable future for all indigenous businesses.


IEBF strives to bring together an all-inclusive participation without regard of race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. We consider the health and well-being of our community to be among the core values of our organisation, and we are committed to ensuring a better future.


It is our aim to create a platform the provides opportunity for all indigenous businesses to showcase their products and services. To create opportunity for industry development and growth.


Through keeping Tradition at the forefront of the IEBF we will promote opportunity for remote indigenous businesses to connect with local and global organisations.


At IEBF we are honest, transparent, take ownership, and are committed to doing what is best for our all businesses. We openly collaborate in pursuit of the truth. We will operate with respect in all areas of our Vision by placing the best interests of IEBF at the centre of any decision. We genuinely accept, respect, and have regard for others.


We will always be humble in our vision to stimulate Indigenous business growth, and to be free from pride or arrogance.


Through our sphere of influence, unite Indigenous and non-Indigenous business through developing relationships built on trust and respect. To develop and implement meaningful partnerships that encourage equal participation.

Connect. Collaborate. Create


Technology that Drives
Growth and Innovation

The worlds oldest culture blended with the worlds latest technology – boosting the capabilities of Indigenous organisations through technology.

Supporting indigenous

Supporting Indigenous
Business & Community

Showcasing the strength, diversity and opportunity that Aboriginal businesses bring to industry & community.

Busines connection

Business Connections &
Employment Outcomes

Using our networks to strengthen Indigenous engagement and employment opportunities.


Meet our team

Our team are on a mission to help Indigenous owned and operated businesses grow and thrive.

Meet our team

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